Friday, August 12, 2011

This letter was regarding creating a mikvah within the new synagogue building, as well as an apartment in which a future rabbi of the synagogue can live.

Groundbreaking of the synagogue (1970)
1=Ezra Mattuck; 2=Mrs. Moche; 3=Gabby Josue; 4=Victor Moche; 5=Mrs. Gottleib; 6=Mrs. Josue; 7=Ezra Choueke

Welcoming a new Torah at the synagogue
Left: President Albert Hamway
On the Bimah from the left: Yitzhak Ofek, Ike Chazan
Right: Aharon Shalomoff
Near the Aron Kodesh: Jacob Gottleib, Victor Moche

The brit milah of Benjamin Shalomoff (8/25/66)
Right to left: Gabriel Josue, Ezra Choueke, Victor Moche
Sitting: The Mohel Rabbi Yakov Shababo
Left: Yechezkel HaCohen Davidoff

For the brit milah of Benjamin Shalomoff, there was no mohel in all of the Far East, so Rabbi Yakov Shababo was invited to come from Singapore. From right: The father, Aharon Shalomoff, is the sandek and is blessing is newborn son, and in the middle is the chazan, Victor Moche. An article about this event was written by a visitor from Israel and it is featured on the right.